How to choose a stroller ? A complete guide for parents

Buying a stroller is a crucial decision for parents, as it is essential to choose the right model that will guarantee both the comfort and the safety of the child. In this guide, we'll walk you through the key factors to consider when choosing a stroller, the different types available on the market, and the essential features to look for. Plus, we'll share practical tips for evaluating strollers and introduce you to popular brands and models. Whether you're a first-time parent or considering replacing your current stroller, we're here to guide you to an informed choice.

What factors to consider when choosing a stroller?

Several factors should be considered before buying a stroller. First, assess your lifestyle and specific needs. Consider how often you use the stroller, how easy it is to transport, your urban or rural environment, and what features you want, such as a cup holder or generous storage space.

Your child's safety is paramount, so make sure the stroller offers sturdy safety features, such as a five-point safety harness, reliable brakes, and solid construction. Also check if the stroller complies with current safety standards.

Maneuverability and ease of use are also key. Opt for an easy-to-maneuver stroller, with swivel wheels and suspension for a smooth ride. The stroller should be comfortable for your child, with a padded, reclining seat, an adjustable footrest and adequate sun protection.

The different types of strollers

There are several types of strollers, each suited to specific needs. Full-size strollers, also known as 3-in-1 strollers, are ideal for everyday use, while lightweight strollers and umbrella strollers are more compact and convenient for travel. Active parents can opt for jogging strollers, offering sturdy suspension and added stability. Travel systems, including a stroller and infant car seat, provide an easy transition between car and stroller. Finally, double strollers are perfect for families with twins or two young children.

Essential Features to Look For

Certain features are crucial for an optimal stroller. An adjustable handlebar allows you to adjust the height according to your needs. A reclining seat is ideal for your child's naps or when they want to sit up straighter. A suspension system provides a more comfortable ride on uneven terrain. Also, make sure the stroller has a canopy large enough to protect your child from the sun. Finally, a reliable braking system is essential to ensure safety.


Choosing the right stroller for your child is an important decision that requires careful evaluation. Considering your lifestyle, safety, handling, comfort and your budget, you can make an informed decision. Don't forget to test and evaluate strollers before making your final choice. With the right stroller, you will be able to enjoy pleasant and safe moments of walks with your child.


  1. How long can I use a stroller? A stroller can be used until your child can walk independently, usually between 3 and 4 years old. However, this depends on the weight and height of your child as well as the features of the stroller.

  2. Are strollers suitable for newborns? Yes, some strollers are specifically designed for newborns and provide adequate support for their head and body. Be sure to check the manufacturer's recommendations before using a stroller with a newborn.

  3. Can I use a stroller for jogging? Yes, jogging strollers are specially designed for parents who want to jog while taking their child along. They provide better suspension and stability for a smooth ride during exercise.

  4. How do I clean a stroller? Cleaning instructions may vary from stroller to stroller, but in general you can clean the stroller with a damp cloth and mild soap. Check the user manual for specific instructions on cleaning and maintenance.

  5. Are expensive strollers worth the investment? More expensive strollers may offer additional features, better build quality and better comfort. However, it depends on your needs and your budget. It is important to strike a balance between quality and price to choose the best stroller for your situation.

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