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Birth Date Calculator User Guide Want to know your expected due date? Our pregnancy calculator uses your period and ovulation dates, as well as your cycle length, to estimate this key date. Here's how to do it effectively: Why is it necessary to know the duration of your period and your ovulation? These elements constitute the first two weeks of pregnancy. If your cycle differs from the average 28-day cycle, don't panic! Our tool adapts to all cycles. How does the calculator estimate the date? Generally, a pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks. With the date of your last period and the length of your cycle, our tool quickly estimates your due date. If you know the exact day of conception, you can incorporate that as well. How to use our calculator: Write down the first day of your last period and the average length of your cycle. Enter this information into the calculator. Click on "Calculate". Remember, this is an estimate, every pregnancy is unique. Next steps after estimating your due date: As soon as you have an idea of ​​the probable date, start your preparations. Make an appointment with your doctor for confirmation. Your doctor will assess your baby's growth through ultrasounds and other prenatal exams. Tips for a healthy pregnancy: The announcement of a pregnancy is a unique moment. For more tips and tricks during this time, explore our site.